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Crystal Beauty & Care Co., Ltd.

Is a manufacturer of various types of cosmetic products including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). We respond to all of your requirement with our financial security, our experience and expertise in this field for a long time. We also manufacture skin cream, serum, register your brand with FDA, formula development, packing service and distribution.

About Us Crystal Beauty And Care Co., Ltd.,

10 Reasons to trust Crystal Beauty and Care

Cosmetic Manufacturing High quality under standard at reasonable price.

Manufacturing with high quality and reasonable price

One stop service provides convenience to customers.

Providing One Stop Service for customer convenience

Has factory licensed with the Department of Industry. And modern technology.

High technology factory with the Department of Industry license

Selection of quality raw materials used in cosmetics.

Selecting only raw materials of top quality

Controlled production and research by experienced and experienced people.

Manufacturing by experienced chemists

The product is safe and accurate. Can register All items.

ensuring the quality and standard for register with the FDA

Have a sample of products for customers to test their satisfaction before making a production order.

Having a sample product for your satisfaction

There are products to choose from for the wide range of customers.

Various of product to choose

Help Provide marketing advice to startups. By professional team.

Providing marketing advisor by professional team

Can be ordered in small quantities. Starting at only 10 kg, you can own a cosmetic brand and have your own business.

Starting at only 10KG to order

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"We make your dream comes true"

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